Tuya Smart Hotel Platform Brands Partial Display

Zhejiang Shanggu Information Technology Co., Ltd.
"FOFU", a well-known security brand in China and Southeast Asia.
Zhejiang Huiyi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
The largest weak current project partner of BTG Homeinns.
Zhejiang Jiekong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of mid-to-high-end construction electrical and electrical products and electrical and electrical accessories.
Hunan Grand Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
A leading one-stop solution service provider for IoT applications in the smart hotel, real estate, and home industries.
Guangzhou Xinhengan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
One-stop solution service provider for IoT applications.
Qingdao Xiaoshuai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Committed to building an Internet mobile distribution platform "the second theater line".

Empower more industries

Empower industry: hotel
BTG Homeinns builds a smart hotel platform based on Tuya's AIoT capabilities, combined with guest big data, operational big data, spatial big data, etc., to provide its hotels with simple, warm, and experienced guest services, as well as efficient hotel cost reduction and increase Effective program.
Empower industry: hotel
Xiaoshuai Technology combines Tuya’s AIoT capabilities with Xiaoshuai’s intelligent audio-visual system, empowers pan-hotel customers through the four major standards of hardware, system, content, and service, and customizes the hotel’s integrated viewing and intelligent guest control scenes Smart hotel solutions. Build an AI full-scenario intelligent guest control system, combined with big data, enable hotel operations to be efficient and low-consumption, improve service quality and extended value-added, enhance guest control interaction and intelligent experience, and jointly build a smart ecosystem for pan-room-type scenarios.
Empower industry: Education
Based on Tuya's AIoT capabilities, Xinhengan creates smart education solutions, abstracts the capabilities of artificial intelligence as messages to the system, and assigns artificial intelligence to all the hardware of the project, allowing the possibility of the Internet of Things to break through the big brands. The closed system and the limitations brought by their product design capabilities allow everyone to explore and create more application scenarios.
Empower industry: Pension
Chongqing Bang Bang Lian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Everbright Pension and a member company of China Everbright System. The business mission of the smart care chain platform is to build a comprehensive blockchain smart pension platform that uses blockchain to integrate pension finance, pension integrated operation service management, pension health and health care, AI smart hardware services, and big data in the pension industry. Combine the blockchain technology Tuya AIoT capabilities to provide a comprehensive, online and offline, comprehensive, and medical and elderly care service industry solutions.

Tuya Smart Hotel Platform Supplier Partial Display

Wenzhou Jiapu Electric Co., Ltd.
Smart switch panel manufacturer.
Shenzhen Tongchuangxinjia Technology Co., Ltd.
Hotel smart door lock and supporting access control elevator control system.
Hangzhou Weishida Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Mainly engaged in tubular motors, curtain opening and closing motors, washing machine motors, window pusher motors and their supporting intelligent control systems.
Guangdong Tianlang Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd.
Smart switch panel manufacturer.
Shenzhen Yinsilok Technology Co., Ltd.
Hotel electronic smart door lock mechanical parts manufacturer.
Zhejiang Delixi International Electrical Co., Ltd.
Smart switch panel manufacturer.

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