Network key to open the door

According to the check-in authorization time, the guest can open the room door lock through the applet / application. If you use a Bluetooth door lock, you can also open the door via mobile phone Bluetooth.
Card-free check-in
Remote network unlock
Bluetooth direct connection unlock

Device quick control

The device in the guest room can be quickly switched on and off through the applet/web app, and the smart device can be deeply controlled and adjusted based on the standard control panel.
Device partition classification display
Quick switch equipment
Depth control adjustment

Intelligent scene control

Guest room equipment can be set up for scene linkage to create a personalized hotel experience. Guests can switch and control the smart scenes in the guest room through their mobile phones.
Smart scene linkage
Smart mode quick control

QR code ladder control

After the guest checks in, an exclusive QR code will be generated, through which you can take the elevator.
Cardless ladder control
People flow safety control

One-click renewal

Guests can use the applet/web app to renew the room and book the check-out with one click, and the message will be notified to the hotel front desk via PMS.
Guest room renewal processing
Mobile phone check-out appointment

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