Room status management

The real-time and long-term room status of the hotel rooms are tiled display clearly. At the same time, get through mainstream PMS vendors, realize direct connection to cloud systems, and automatically authorize or change authorization for check-in and check-out.
Room status calendar overview
PMS data connection
Guest room authorization management

Equipment management

Unified management of hotel equipment can clearly know equipment specifications, equipment area, equipment status, and edit equipment information. At the same time, it supports single control and group control of equipment in different areas such as floors, guest rooms, and public areas.
Unified management of global equipment
Equipment single control group control by zone
Equipment single control group control by category

AI voice

Unified management of AI voice equipment, support voice room service configuration, customized question and answer, customized welcome message. The voice service supports six service types including supplementary items, room cleaning, maintenance services, check-out services, renewal services, and washing and nursing services. Also, it supports PaaS access to third-party smart voice devices.
Third-party smart voice device access management
Smart voice room control & room service
Smart voice Q&A custom configuration
Voice welcome message custom configuration

Scene linkage

Equipment scene linkage unified management settings to create a personalized experience. Support multiple dimensions such as equipment, room status, delay, timing, time period, repetition, etc. At the same time, through the template setting, one configuration can be applied to all guest rooms or public areas in batches, with zero error across borders efficiently.
Multi-dimensional scene linkage settings
Manual and automatic dual trigger mechanism
Template configuration batch application

Energy management

Based on the smart device metering function, accurate statistics of hotel energy consumption. Supports statistical analysis of data in different dimensions such as time and region, and displays visual charts.
Real-time statistics of energy consumption data
Multi-dimensional data comparative analysis
Data visualization chart display

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