Work order management

Authorize according to project construction and maintenance requirements, and automatically form work orders. The work order is transferred to the landing service provider system. You can clearly see the work order source, work order requirements, and work order status.
Service order automatic generation and circulation
Multi-client and multi-project simultaneous support
Real-time accurate control of project progress

Task Assignment

According to the project situation, the work order can be divided into several tasks and assigned to the staff for landing service at the same time, so that the work order can be quickly responded to and completed efficiently.
Multi-task split of service tickets
Real-time advance control of task progress

Batch construction

For mass-landed projects, templates can be configured in advance according to project requirements, and at the same time, with mobile deployment tools, project landing can be completed flexibly and efficiently.
Construction requirements templated batch settings
Fool-like operation of mobile deployment tools

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